Kamasastra: If the wife has seven qualities, then the husband is happy


There is a deeper theory about the seven qualities of wife – Kamasutra, in Kamshtra, in connection with bridal. From emotional to physical relations, depending on everything, healthy bridal

And in that context, a lot of features have been mentioned in Kamasastre What exactly is a wife is bridal, she also has the qualities of happiness

Find out:

1. Husband and wife should have some similarities between the family. And the daughter of the family, who is famous as a liberal, should get married.

2. Wife needs to be intelligent. And what is happening around the world, there is need to have knowledge in the service. Wife’s education brings improvement in society and family.

3. The wife should be aware of the people around her. People of any level will have to be well-behaved.

4. Besides social responsibility, religion should be devoted to a wife. Religious rites should be obeyed.

5. The voice should be slow and sweet. Money like Lakshmi should be saved, should be holy like Saraswati and should be devoted to a husband like Parvati.

6. The woman who grew up with the brothers and sisters, her patience is much more. They can love children and give respect to relationships.

7. Those who have a desire to feed the hungry can become better wives

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