Just 9 minutes of dawn, a whole city scattered


Just 9 minutes dawn – it was 3 to 4 hours for rain. All the people who were made like this The rain fell due to the air office forecast But lasting only 9 minutes. Think of the rain in 9 minutes?

And what about the news? That’s a problem. But in the 9-minute rain, Turkish capital city Ankara has been torn apart. The entire city has virtually destroyed the ruins.

The sky was broken like a straw in a rainy rain, one car after another. The whole city has gone down the water. The administration could not recover the losses yet

Rescue work has started, but the city can not understand why it will be able to get relief from the rescue. The municipal administration of the city. Many temporary shops have floated like a toy. Many vehicles are seen on the water. The river looks like the road. Many homes and offices have entered the water.

The air office had already told the rains. But the air office could not even clear the sky that the sky would be broken by the black cloud.

Old people of the city do not even remember because the dreary ankara seen in just 9 minutes has never seen them before. Seeing that rain of 9 minutes, the city itself became virtually self-reliant. But the rain stopped. The city started to calm down and started to go back to rhythm.

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