Job seeker in office Brutal torture of the young woman Video Viral (Video)


Calling on the friend’s office, he was given a job. But there was no job in the house, but had to be victims of cruel torture. The cruelty of that video has been viral through social media. News from Anandabazar

It is reported that Rohit Singh, the son of a Delhi Police officer, called this young woman to his friend’s office. But after going there, she was raped.

When Rape threatened to report to the police, Rohit ransacked the young woman. With the hairstyle, the young woman was dragged and killed, she was killed. He was kicked in his stomach. The abuse is done.

Later, on the written complaint to the police, the young woman said that Rohit called for her friend’s work in that BPO. She was raped when she was there. When he threatened to inform the police about the incident, Rohit started beating him.

Police said the incident occurred on September 2. The incident took place in a BPO in Uttam Nagar area of ​​Delhi on that day. Rohit’s friend Ali Hasan, run the BPO. The 21-year-old girl went to the BPO to find a job.

Rohit’s father, Assistant sub-inspector of Delhi Police (Central) Narcotics Division Ashok Singha Tomar A friend of Rohit kept the video of the entire incident.

The video that is being circulated through social media is being heard, says Rohit’s friend; Stop, stop, and do not beat.

Central home minister Rajnath Singh was in a state of embarrassment due to the video becoming viral.

On his order, Rohit was arrested on Friday. Police have filed a case against Rohit, under sections 506 and 354 of Indian Penal Code.

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