Jennifer Lopez loved the young man at age he is small!


Jennifer Lopez kept her fans happy with the new song. Music or acting differently, differently present themselves in the present. Just like in the personal life, the singer, a singer, who is trying to break the circle of thought of all hands by holding many hands in her hands.

Lopez is now in love with a young man at the present age. Boyfriend Aleppo Rodriguez America’s baseball star This new pair is seen on the island of Kapiri, near the city of Naples, the last. They are going to spend the rest of the holiday there.

Sharing the pictures of the celebratory festival in Instagram Lopez was reclining on Rodriguez in the film. Lopez said in reference to the picture, ‘The picture is symbolic. Rodriguez is now the absolute dependence of my life. To illustrate it, the picture is given. ‘

Jennifer Lopez has so far married three. In addition, the number of recognized loyalists is more than eight. The new addition to the list is Rodriguez.

Critics say, Rodríguez’s dependency might be over after a few days. Walking on the side of Lopez, another young man will be seen. Waiting to see how far new love goes.

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