Japan’s most discussed Pennies Festival


The most discussed in Japan – the first Sunday of April every year in Japan’s Kawasaki region, people celebrate a religious ceremony called Kanamara Matsuri (Kanamara Matsuri) It was held in a temple in Kawasaki, Japan. This festival is mainly on the basis of religious beliefs, at the center of which there is an increase in gender as the male rays. Worldwide, it is known as the Penis Festival or the Ling festival.

The Penéz Festival was held at the Kanyama Temple in Kawasaki, Japan, which has already been known as the Palace of Pennis. This temple is more than 700 years old. Once in the temple, sexually exploited girls could be free to pray for sexually transmitted diseases, then to produce (child), and to produce grains, devotees came to pray in this temple.

It is believed that, in the seventeenth century, this festival was first introduced in this distinguished festival. When the local barbarians started a procession with a huge penis repellant at the end of spring, they used to pray at the Kawasaki Kanamara monastery. As if they could live from any type of sexual transmission or disease all year round.

Basically it is a Shinto religious festival, which is celebrated for the increase of reproductive strength. It is known that from 1603 to 1867, the barbarites used to celebrate this festivities by getting them to fight against syphilis, especially syphilis. However, this festival has received different status at present. It is currently celebrated as a part of the awareness of safe sex, prevention of AIDS infections and population control.

Thousands of people gathered in the festival. The most interesting thing is gender rallies. The devotees went out of the railway with the wooden wooden temple. With bigger penis and men’s gender-related toys or objects in hand.

During the festive time, different types of ice cream, fastfood, toy are sold, anyone can buy them, wish to sit on the sex, get photos with sex, and kiss on the head. Generally girls are very interested in these things.

This year, Sino-religious people in the Kawasaki region of Japan also expressed their happiness by marching with a huge penis replica. On the street street, everyone from small to large has found that cocktail-shaped chocolate and ice cream chewing. Many people have been posing for the photo, next to the huge penis. Many people dance and wear a tennis cap on their head.

On April 6, 2014, the fair has been organized as part of the AIDS Prevention Campaign Fund Rising Campaign. Starting on April 6, the festival will last until April 7. The Mela has gained tremendous popularity right now.

Not only Japan, Kanamara Matsuri is also being discussed in different countries of the world. The festival will be celebrated on 5 April 2015. The money earned from this festival is donated to AIDS research, because at one time the sex workers came in here for STDs or for those prayers.

The most surprising aspect of Japan is its diversity. For example, from raw to burns, all types of fish are in the menu. Similarly, there is unrestricted unpopularity in addition to the great conservation of culture. Pennies Festival is one such example of unmasked exposure.

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