It’s almost 698 pounds weighing even though …


This opus is about 698 pounds the weight – his name is Paoloine Porter. But everyone called ‘Paoli’. He is 47 years old. Paoli is a resident of Sacramento, California, USA.

It weighs 317 kg or about 8 pounds. What is the surprise? It’s a surprise Because, you might not have heard of a woman so much that you have not heard before. Paoli

The world’s most weighted women Guinness War of 2012 … His name has been named as the world’s most weighted woman. Paoli is proud of her health but is not happy.

He is in huge trouble with this body. He can not take bath for his united efforts. Can not go shopping mall. He has to take help from others in everything else.

Always on her job and her help, her only son, Dylan, helped her. Dylan is now 16 years old Dylan raised her mother from the bed, sitting on the chair, putting her on the wheel of a motor wheel and taking her out of the bed and giving food to her mother’s troupe day and night.

How did Paoli make so much health? Surely you want to know! Paoli made this health of her to eat a lot.

At the beginning of the day, Paoloi takes a dozen eggs, two kilograms of meat, hash brown made of four pieces of potatoes, ten pieces of butter, bread and butter and half a liter of milk, and Milk Shake.

This is his morning breakfast. Paoli did not reveal any information about lunch. Because, that list will be very long.

People may be scared if they hear it. At night, he took eight pizzas, one big bowl of pistachios and one kilogram of meat.

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