India sending a spaceship in Venus Planet!

India sending a spaceship in Venus Planet!

After Mars, the Indian Space Research Center’s (ISRO) eye is another planet in the solar system, Venus. India will send spacecraft to Venus in 2023 if everything is okay Khabar – Anandabazar newspaper

It is reported in the media that initially it has been decided that the Indian spacecraft will orbit this planet in a particular orbit reaching Venus. The spacecraft will have a minimum distance of 500 kilometers with Venus and the maximum distance is approximately 60 thousand kilometers.

Indian Space Research Organization is working very strongly on the mission in Venus. Although the weight of the spacecraft will not be decided yet. However, space scientists from Israel say they will start the space mission of Venus with a total weight of 100 kg.

Initially, India will send 175 kilogram weight of the total weight Later, the weight was reduced to 100 kg, which was finalized.

Meanwhile, India will reach the space before sending spacecraft to Venus in 2023. Because, India is sending the spacecraft again in the moon in 2019. As a result, ISRO scientists are now busy with Chandrayaan-2.

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