In the day of wedding inthe dress of a bride,lover at the grave of her love!


    On the wedding day, the bride dies – people die but love does not die. This proves that a US woman named Jessica. Marriage with a longtime lover was justified.

    But before the marriage took away an accident, the dream of two Jessica’s boyfriend Kendall Marpie was killed in an accident All around, then surrounded by zero. Jessica was struggling to spend the day with extreme hardship.

    Their desired day came to see. But Jessica has not dreamed about whom. Yet Jessica did not break There is no man to love, what has happened.

    Love is still amalin So he decided to wear a wedding dress, to decorate a wife. And this will go to the lover, where her boyfriend is asleep in the rest.

    White gown, flowers in hand and light looks amazing Jessica If Kendall survived he could not have turned eyes from him.

    Imagine yourself a lot and could do everything naturally. But Kendal broke down in tears when he came in front of the grave. Sitting on the knees. Maybe he thought that if this man was alive today he would have got married. But that beautiful day was lost from life.

    On September 29, they were supposed to be one of their four hands. Jesster’s dream was to get Male Kendal Marfi for a lifetime. But firefighters Kendal (27) died in an accident and took away the most beautiful day of their life.

    In November last year, a drunk driver was killed in the car, Kendal lost his life. But after 10 months of the accident Jessica seduced wife with great courage and strength.

    After a white-colored gown, she appeared before Kendal’s grave. They wanted to keep the day that they were supposed to be married. In any case, this beautiful day was not wasted, that was his will.

    The haircut, Jessica, a brave girl who appeared on a bouquet of flowers near the pinnacle of the wedding, was found at the wedding. He broke his tears in Kennedy’s grave and cried out.

    He was sitting beside Kandal’s grave for a while. Jessica said, I just wanted to stay next to her where she was.

    Jessica also took photos near Kendal’s grave. These beautiful moments have been taken from living life photography in Indiana state of the United States.

    Jessica said that although I could not get married to my dream man. But, this day is a special day for me.

    Jessica thanked those who helped her to make this special day beautiful. He said, I could not find what I wanted. But everyone has fulfilled me a lot of love.

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