In ancient times people used toilets together, Some of the amazing things that happened in ancient times would be astonishing …


In ancient times people used toilets together, Some of the amazing things that happened in ancient times would be astonishing …

People used to walk out together – we all heard many stories from our grandma-grandmother. Whenever we hear the story of their era, it seems that there are many differences between our era and era.

Then if we talk about the old age of our grandmother’s ancestors, their world was very different. We can still read a lot about the rules and procedures of that time in the book.

The things we do today may have been in ancient times, but the methods of doing them were very different. At that time, there were many customs which would make the skin hair clotted.

The people of the ancient times used to take a very good look and make a very dangerous way to stay away from the disease. Today, I will talk about this. Read it with heart, it’s a little fun.

Cut eyebrows for cats

Cats were worshiped in ancient Egypt. The house of the Egyptian god Bastet was considered as a cat and a breeding goddess. She was shown as a cat.

Iborough cut

When someone’s cat died, people cut a scalp to express their grief. There was also a death penalty for killing the cat.

Paint the hair

It is a very common practice to paint hair even today. But in ancient times, hair color was made with hazardous chemicals like Rome and Gryki sulfur.

Treatment of mental illness

We all know that superstition was very much at that time. When someone was mentally ill, he was taken to a doctor. To remove evil spirits from his head.

Operation help

In order to find out this “evil spirit,” serious surgery was used. In this process, the soul was removed by drilling in the head.

Breast treatment

This work was done extensively since ancient times. At that time, people used different types of ways for a perfect personality. In 1895, the first breast surgery was done by a doctor called Vincenz Czerny.


Doctors used the injection of perfin in women’s nipples. Its effects were visible for some time and later these breasts became stiff. The risk of infection was very high.

Ancient public school

The public toilets were very common in ancient Rome and people were quite comfortable with it. Used as a social experience for people going to the bathroom.

Had to sit together

If you go to the forest even if you go to the forest, then hide it secretly. But it was very strange to have a walk in front of each other. For this reason that the rich could only construct private bathrooms at that time.

Animal medicine medicine

In ancient times animals were used as a medicine. Crocodile stools were used as contraceptives and cranial linders were used for small pox.

For the wound healing

Not only this, in some cultures, it was also used to cure wounds. At that time the pig stool was used to control the nose’s blood.

Kill the girl

In the Roman civilization, women could not have a relationship after marriage. Even after marriage, he was bound by the father’s family. The father could kill his daughter for his needs.

If the name goes bad

If the father thought that his daughter’s boyfriend did something that could make her name bad, then she could have killed him legally.

Black tooth

This practice, in particular, was followed in Japan. People (especially women) used to black their teeth. This practice was considered as a symbol of beauty.

Sell ​​women

In the Middle Ages, their husbands had full rights to women. The women did not have any right in the property, rather they would become their husbands’ property. In the middle of the 17th century, men could sell their wives.

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