If you want to see more pyramids than in Egypt, this country has to go


When the country of Sudan thinks of the country, it will come out in front of the country of roughly deserted desert. Because of the massacre and the refugees crisis of Darfur many people know the world. But in the vast desert areas of the country there are thousands of years old pyramids. The number which is more than 250 Of course, the pyramid of Sudan is somewhat smaller.

British media reported in a report that a section of Sudan’s younger generation has recently come forward to learn and inform about the history of their country.

One such Mohamed Al Moore, who worked as a guide for foreign tourists. Moore said, ‘I was surprised to know that no one has seen these pyramids till now! It is also a matter of surprise that no one cares for them. ‘

Moore said, ‘This is our ancient history. I heard about this place from my family. I knew how these women used to manage these places. I heard how big a civilization was in these places! ‘
Mohamed Moore took the initiative to show the young generation of the country about the history of the country and to show free discussion and pyramid at no cost. He is taking regular day-long tours to the university’s taught students. Many of them are now going to those installations multiple times.

Some of these young tourists are there, who are now encouraged to learn and research the matter. There are some who are interested in working on archaeological photos or taking videos.

It is said in the report that most of the pyramids in the desert near the old city of Gdmoton in Sudan They were developed almost two thousand years ago. Then the ‘Kush’ empire in Sudan was in the state of the zodiac.

Mohamed said some pyramid was damaged by dynamite injuries. In 1830 a Italian man threw a number of pyramids in search of precious gems. In addition, many tombs of stolen goods have been stolen during the period.

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