If you know how to mix a little sugar with shampoo, you will be surprised


The reason for shampoo – hair problems is a lot of trouble. It is also possible to see the problem of hair fall nowadays. It’s a problem of product, because there is no way to understand that number one or two.

Again, those who travel outside for work, traffic lights make their hair dry. So for some time in the house, it is necessary to serve the hair.

So you get a lot of benefits in a little bit. Why do not you use the brand shampoo, shampoo while mixing a little sugar with shampoo.

You do not need to use any other conditioner in this. Your hair will become soft and reduce the incidence of hair fall.

Skin expert Dr. According to Francesca Fasco, sugar is mixed with shampoo, it helps keep the hair clean and healthy. Francisco said to Mary Claire’s website, a skin spoon on the shampoo, the skin of the skin can be cleaned very well.

This can not only eliminate hair clutter, but it may also be possible to clear dead skin cells of the head. If the head skin is cleaned very well and should be used in shampoo sugar to give hair moisturizer.

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