If you have kidney problem, you will see these 10 symptoms


Kidney problems – The problem of kidneys can occur only in people of any age. If you do not take treatment at the right time, kidneys can become worse.

But most people do not know that any signs of kidney damage occur in the body.

It is very important to know the signs. So it will be easier to get treatment first. And there will be no possibility of kidney damage. If there is a problem of kidney, you will see these 10 symptoms! Do you know

What are the signs of kidney problems,

They know: –

1) Tired fatigue fatigue.

2) In the hot environment, it will also be cold.

3) Problems with breathing.

4) Feeling weak.

5) Problems are clearly thinking about something.

6) Excessive itching occurs in the body.

7) Hands or feet, swelling of the mouth.

8) High urine occurs at night.

9) Flavored taste disappears.

10) Foamy, brown, red or purple color urine occurs.

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Why are piles and what to do?

Constipation, chronic or long-term cough, diarrhea, pregnancy, liver cirrhosis, urinary obstruction, ankle cancer, working long hours, causes piles or tissue diseases due to many reasons.

Symptoms or symptoms: –

Generally, the only sign of freshening of fresh blood with anus is Especially during the discharge, fresh blood is seen on one side of the mall.

The juice is emitted by the anus, which continues to drift before and after the discharge.

Get out of the rectum

Blood emptiness, anal pain etc.

If there is no treatment, the complications of anal ulcers, gangrene, boil or arsace, thrombosis etc. are caused. Several pharmaceutical companies have marketed eating tablets for the treatment of tumor or piles disease, which are available at 10 and 20 start levels.

However, there is no alternative treatment for late 20 and third degree piles operations. A patient with a degree of piles of a patient can test the anus.

So, if any of the above symptoms or signs appears, then consult a surgeon or surgeon immediately. If you want to do the operation.

But it has more success in homeopathic treatment. If you do not want to conduct an operation, homeopathy is the most reliable solution.

Counsel for those with strong difficulty: –

Drink water every day – 15 to 20 glasses

Eating well-eaters, fresh vegetables, fruits will eat more.

In the morning and night, two tablespoons of the juice of Isufgul can be mixed in a glass of water and eat for two weeks. A glass of yolk can be eaten hot milk at night.

Two or three glycerin supposers should be used as an analog injection if you do not have bowel movement for three consecutive days.

It is necessary to go to the toilet every morning or at night with a desire to quit.

People must practice the habits of habits themselves. If you do not get any benefit after this, then you must consult a doctor.

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