If you do not know what is being banned in Facebook, your id to stop


If you do not know what is being banned in Facebook, your id to stop

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on the dangers of leakage The US congressional hearing virtually showed him nervous nerves. Mark said in front of the Congress, Facebook made him It’s all about responsibility. He apologized for what went wrong. Along with this, he informed, what new ways are they adopting new ways to prevent data stolen on Facebook in the coming days?

According to a report published in an All India Media, Facebook wants to be more intense about the personal information of Facebook customers to stop data theft. The focus of the sharing of posts of others (especially from the group), sharing information on the same event has been highlighted by the developers, so that customers are not able to access much personal information.

It is known that customers will have to get approval or sign the contract to know any personal information. Through the Third Party App, there has been a case of data stealing. So, there is a special focus on Facebook Generally many apps want to access personal

informationof customers. From the new rules of Facebook this time, more information than just name, profile photo and e-mail will not be able to ask for such applications.

Even if an app is not used by customers in the last 3 months, then the personal information of the customers is not available to the developers. To find someone on Facebook, their phone number or e-mail too is useful. Especially to find the intended person inside the same name. Mark said it can not be done anymore.

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