If you do not get caught in the camera you will not believe, Watch on video


If you were not caught in the camera you would not have believed. Look at the video: There are some incidents that happened in our eyes, which I did not believe if I was not caught in the camera. Media is the mirror of society. What is happening in our society every time the media work is being highlighted on the screen.

There is a lot of discomfort in our society behind the curtain which is not visible to us. Many black sections of the society which remain behind the scenes. Which brings us to the media.

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Salman is going to offer Katrina marriage!

Marriage proposal – Most fans want – get married with Katrina Kaif Salman Khan! Those who are not fans, they also admit that Katrina and Salman will agree as a couple!

She is not just for screening her film on chemistry. Why not, the chemistry is the reflection of real life. Everyone knows that there was a relationship between Katrina and Salman at one time. That became the live screenplay of the film.

But Bollywood says, the relationship has got a new life in the couple again. One of the proofs of which is to eat Katrina coffee from Salman’s cup in front of everyone! Recently, in a press conference, Salman asked for a sip with a coffee cup and asked Katrina – did she not eat coffee?

When Katrina agreed, she hesitated a bit and gave Salman his cup ahead. After that Katrina’s video of drinking coffee from the cup was viral.

Alongside, another video of Salman and Katrina was viral on Sonam Kapoor’s wedding. Where does it look – Jacqueline Fernandez completely ignored Katrina, and talking to Salman!

What if the proposal of marriage is coming? What will happen, it is difficult to say! Why did Karan Johar do not want to know about the heroine – Salman Khan will offer a marriage proposal!

‘It is a very wrong question! It is chit! “Katrina said in the end, protesting, ‘What will I say to Salman, it depends on time!

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