If you cut your nails with teeth, then this rare quality is within you


If you cut your nails with teeth, then this is the rare quality of you – those who are in this stomach do not care. They stay with their souls nails.

Only when running the knife-knob, the skin of the nail gets up, then get the sensation, push the hawbeet. In the beginning of the list of habit, there is a tooth cut nail cut.

Schoolmashai-sadimanira shook the school, remember? At home, the mother used to clash. But no work was done. Even today, the hand itself goes to the tooth itself. And then the cottage-knit-cottage.

Someone else has escaped the boyfriend for this behavior, and no one has begun to boyfriend. The ‘nail-eaten’ publicity in the ups and downs are marked.

But those who are in this stanza do not care about them. They stay with their souls nails. Just run this knife-knit, when the skin of the nail gets up, then get the sensation, push the hoodby.

Despite a very bad side, a team of psychologists at Montreal University conveyed a very good consonant with the tooth.

In an article published in ‘Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatric’, they showed that those who have been born in this special nature are an inferior quality.

So far, psychology has said that people are mainly nails because of anxiety due to their teeth. But psychologist Kieron O’Connor said in the above article, there is a deeper reason behind the nail cutting with teeth.

According to him, those people who are overly scarred, they do this stereo. And if you think of a little bit of humidity, one type of agony works with the tooth behind the nails.

In fact, it is the symptoms of the perfectionist. The nails of people with teeth in their teeth, often used to fingerprints, eyebrows, or tights of eyes are often seen in the currency.

Satyajit Ray spent his hand with a toothbrush. He had a new handkerchief in the day. Bijoya Roy himself told this in his memoir.

Confusion is a concern for perfection, and it is manifested in such a coincidence, that O’Connor and his colleagues with his colleagues


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