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The capital is the heart of a country. Once, the capital of Karnataka was the capital of Karnataka. Which is now quite a small town. About 700 years ago today, Hampi was the capital of the medieval Hindu state Vijayanagar empire. On seeing the old Humbi on the banks of Tungabhadra, the first temple will be seen by many temples. A few miles away, too many royal palaces in the south. Before entering the city, the Birapaksha temple or the temple of Pampapati first. It is the oldest temple of Hummir. If you want you can also visit the old capital from

Indian old history

The specialty of this temple is that at the entrance to the temple two gopurams and two large courtyards The Gauravgaura of the temple is absolutely right of Goura. The second Goumaram is known as Ray Goumaram. This is the premises. From there, the temple of Pathaleshwar, Mukesh Narsingh and Surya Narayana Temple on the left side went ahead. And on the right will be the temple of Laksminsar Singh and Mahishasura’s temple.

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When entering the temple, you will find that the stone-made birupaksa (pilgrimage) is located in the temple. Its name is Pampapati. That is why the name of the place is Pampakkatra or Hampi. Two temples on the north. Bhumeshwarwari Temple is one of the temples and the other is Bhubaneswari Temple. When we get out of the temple we will see the matsanga hills standing up in the west. There is another temple there. Name of the temple of Birbhuvansvar If you get here, you will be caught in a full-blown scene.

Indian old history

Through history, it is known that there were different types of expensive stones and pearls in the temple premises at one time. Here’s a little more east of the Kings Ballance. There the king gave dowry to the Brahmin and the poor in measuring the weight of the equal amount of gold and pearls. Keeping the Kings Ballance a little further, it will be the most invaluable resource of Humpty’s Vidya Mandir. From here, when you go to the real temple in a car, it will be seen that the rows of rows are ruined. There is a world famous granite rock chariot in front of this temple.

History says that Corner’s chariot inspired this chariot to carve. Now a place called Hemkunta will be on the south side. Where there are many small temples. Walking eastward from Hemkunta, you can see Ganesha statue of Ganesh Ganesha. This statue of about 12 feet in height is truly amazing.

Indian old history

About one kilometer from here, Kamalapur has a large Shibinga. This is the largest in whole Hampi city. And this Shibinga is situated in the water. Because a water flow has flown through the temple. The statue of Narsinghdevara is near the big Shibling. However, the statue is very much damaged in foreign invasions. If it’s south, it will be seen that the existence of a huge royal palace. The Lotus Mahal and Queens Baths are unique here. The architecture of Queen’s Bath or Queen’s Bathroom is composed of the mixture of Hindu-Muslim style.

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