How many times and what time Women can be pregnant when they are physically related, must pay attention …


How many times and what time Women can be pregnant when they are physically related, must pay attention …

Many times and no time- the wedding did not last for a while and the rest of the others ‘is there any good news?’ Nowadays couples also plan to give birth to a child. It is done by planning that how many months of marriage or how many years must be after the child. But being pregnant is not so easy. For somebody, it happens in the first week, and someone has to try a few months.

If you can understand how many times and how to build relationships for conception, you will not have to try for many months. Couples do not have common knowledge about this, so they make some mistakes. This makes the situation worse.

After all, any time and time should be created in relationships so that you can be pregnant according to your plan, let’s talk about it.

How to be pregnant?

When ‘sperm’ from the reproductive center of the male fills the eggs present in the ovaries and fertilizes, then only one female is pregnant.

How many times do you make relationships?

A parenting website carried out a study on 1,194 parents. In this study, they wanted to know how many couples who were planning a baby to have physical relations.

This result came to the fore

According to this study, when the couple decided to become the guardian, they were successful after creating an average physical relationship with 78 times. They do this in six months, that means, 13 times in a month.

Best of this position

Some people believe that depending on the location of the pregnancy. Almost three-fourths of the people considered the missionary position as the best. When 36% of couples follow the follow-up style.

Now let’s talk about the right time for pregnancy.

The best time to ‘ovate’

Experts say that the possibility of pregnancy can be greatly increased if it is related to ‘ovulation’ and its relation is five days before and on that day.

What is ‘ovulation’?

‘Ovulation’ is a very important thing during any woman’s period. In this process, mature eggs are released from the ovaries and are ready to be pregnant.

So life is so much

The eggs released in the ovulation process can be applied for 12-24 hours. After one person’s sexual relationship, it can last for 5 days in the reproductive system of the woman.

Best opportunity

Most likely to be pregnant, when the sperm is present in the pregnancy during ovulation.

When does ovulation occur?


Ovulation in 28-day monthly religion is usually 14 days before the next period. Most women get ovulation after or after four days before the middle of the period.

Create Calendar

Many women’s menstrual cycle is not 28 days. In this case, these women can guess the cycle length and moderate length with the help of a menstation calendar.

Learn from the vaginal sequence

Apart from seasonal calendars there are other ways to get an idea of ​​ovulation. One of them is focused on vaginal awareness. Before ovulation, the vaginal discharge becomes clean, humid, and flexible.

It happens after

Immediately after ovulation, cervical mucus gets reduced and it becomes thick, foggy and disappear.

Temperature difference

Ovulation may be observed even after observing basic body temperature (body temperature in rest). Check the body temperature before leaving the bed every morning. The women are the most fertile, up to 2-3 days before the temperature rise.

There are many tests

There are many ‘pregnancy test’ kits in the market. Similarly, ovulation detection can also be tested. This is why ovulation kits are available in the market.

Weight is very true

Experts also believe that overweight and weighted women have high risk of ovarian disorder. It is important for any woman to keep balance of their weight.

After reading these points, many of your doubts have become clear. However, consult a doctor before taking any steps.


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