How do you know if you are infected with AIDS?


Whether you are infected with AIDS – Unfortunately, no effective treatment methods of HIV / AIDS have been discovered so far, and this is the only means of death that means death only.

So the best way to prevent AIDS is awareness and to be careful about it. Due to some of our mistakes, our body may be affected by this mortality. So always be careful.

Unprotected sex life, oral sex, go to the bloodstream of the infected body, blood flow to the body of the newborn from the mother’s body, etc. can be caused by AIDS. Despite the slow progress against AIDS, human society has developed resistance. If the awareness of sexuality is increased in underdeveloped countries, the incidence of this disease will be reduced further.

Let’s know the symptoms of this disease:

Symptoms of early stage of infection

The body’s reddish grunge
Heavy headache
Throat break
Lymph gland swelling

Symptoms of later symptoms of infection

Without any reason, body weight quickly decreasing
Increase fever levels
Cough and respiratory problems begin
Bone joints swollen
Diarrhea is present in the diary

The end-stage symptoms of infection

Bone joints swollen for more than 3 months
Face or tongue bending. Occasionally white white spots are seen to wear.
The problem started in sight. Everything is found to be vague and distorted
Long-Term Diary Problems
For more than 2-3 weeks or more, check for fever
Headache from intense to intensify
Dry cough and respiratory increase
A lot of sweating during the night
Feel very weak

It is different for children who have symptoms in adults
Physical growth is not at normal rate
Do not get weight gain
Ear infestation, pneumonia, tonsil, etc. Many minor problems, including fatalities
Walking problem
Late in intellectual and intellectual development.

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