How do you know if this horrible worm is tied to your body?


This terrible worm in the body – this horrible worm in the body – suddenly sudden pain in the abdomen or headache But after going to the doctor, he is saying that nothing happens to you. All day long there is a feeling of relief in the body.

The reason for this can be one, and that is the worm. But not only stomach aches and headaches, there are a number of other symptoms to understand that the worm that has formed in your body.

What are those symptoms?

• Unrest, excessive thinking of unnecessary, suffering from depression, being suicidal. • Excessive desire to eat sweet foods.

• Anemia and iron deficiency. If there is worms then the amount of blood in the body may decrease to anemia.

• Having skin disorders, rashes, acne, itching etc.

• bleeding from the gums.

• Sprinkle salmon after sleeping.

• Food Allergy

• Not getting hungry.

• Problems with menstrual cycle.

• Tired of being unnecessarily unnecessarily.

• Grief-footed pain.

• Trouble breathing.

• Remembered

Many people will be able to match their problems due to symptoms, because the study says 85 percent of people have worms in their stomach.

But how to get rid of the worms! American physician Abram Bare said that some domestic methods would be released from worms, not medicines.

• Raw garlic-raw garlic acts as an antibiotic. Garlic can kill about 20 types of bacteria and 60 types of fungus. So regularly eat kutcho raw garlic or eat juice of garlic.

• Cloves-cloves can prevent cholera, malaria, and tuberculosis. Apart from this, you can get rid of bacteria, viruses, fungus, etc. while eating cloves.

• Ginger-ginger is able to meet all kinds of digestion. Aadara pair fair fair to remove digestive problems, acidity, stomach infestation, etc. These problems are also made from worms. So, to overcome such problems, raw raw juice is empty stomach.

• Cranberry seeds – the best grains of rabbits to prevent white tissue Pour the beans into the bark. Eat a teaspoon each day.

• Papaya – It is better not to get rid of papaya-abdominal problems. The best of papaya seeds to chase away any kind of worm. Pappers and honey khan to get good results.

• Raw yellow – Raw yellow antibiotics work.

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