How a child is killed in the womb,You can not hold water in your eyes


How a child is killed in the womb,You can not hold water in your eyes

The way the baby is wasted- The baby in the womb was first wound up by inserting a long tube into the uterus in all the methods of destroying the baby. Later, the child was absorbed through vacuum cycles.

The pain of the child during the abortion does not reach anyone. In the ruthlessness of the man’s name, a innocent child becomes a dead person.

What is the abortion thing to hate for those mothers who kill the child of their own mother for happiness? Look down a little below the hearts of the heartless people will be formed. …

See how many times the hand is jigged while writing the text ….
Do not stir your conscience !! ??

  • First month

Hello mama … .. !! How are you You know, I’m only 3-4 inches long !! But there are all the hands and feet you can hear, I like listening to you.

  • Second month

Mom, I learned to suck the thumb of my hand, if you see me now baby will say! While coming out, I have not yet been there, I feel warm here too.

  • Third month

Mom, do you know that I am a girl? The elf fairy will take me, if you see me, you will be very happy, why do you weep sometimes, ammu ammu? You cry my tears

  • Fourth month

My little hair is on my head Mom Mother, I can move my legs well, move my head, I can do many things.

  • Fifth month

Why did you go to doctor doctor? Doctor said? I could not hear him, I can not listen to anyone except you.

  • Sixth month

Mom, I’m suffering a lot, Mom, Doctor like me, what is going on in my body, tell them to stop. Mom, I will not leave you to talk to Mom …

  • Seventh month

How are you mamu I’m in heaven now, an Angel has brought me, Angel said you had to be abortion, why do not you want me to mother?

Every pregnancy means a heartbeat stops … a smile stops … two hands, which can never touch anyone … two eyes, which will not see the light of the world …
Fear Allah

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