Have you ever wondered how did Draupadi manage sex life with her five husbands?


Draupadi : Polygamy in the present age may seem strange. But when the war of Mahabharata took place, this idea was in the twentieth century. According to this, Draupadi was suddenly married to five Pandavas.

Recently, the Draupadi came up with the attention of everybody and published a lot of social media. Many people have different views about their physical relationship and the first night of her wedding, but very few of us know the reality.

Many of us know that Draupadi’s marriage is with the best winner Arjuna, Arjuna married him in self-sufficiency. But still, people are looking for answers to some questions.

How did Draupadi marry five brothers? And his relationship with them. But this article is full of content that you are looking for and it will end all guesses. So, without taking the time to screen the scenes of the Mahabharata.

Who was the Draupadi?

Draupadi was one of the prominent characters of the Mahabharata. According to the epic story, Draupadi was the daughter of King Dhupad of Panchal. And it is believed that he was born from a worthy kund.

Her wedding story

Her wedding is a famous scene of the Mahabharata. Five Pandavas participated in the marriage of Draupadi’s marriage. According to the condition of the self-rule, see the picture of fish in the bottom of the water, it must penetrate the target in the eyes of the hanging fish above. After being a great archer, Arjuna became the winner in the self and married Draupadi.

How did the rest of Pandavas get married?

Along with his brothers, Arjuna took Droodpees to Kunti. He was busy with his work, so he unknowingly said that distribute what you have brought in to five brothers.

His life after marriage.

This statement of Kunti shocked everyone there. Even when he realized he was surprised. Since five brothers were obedient, they accepted him as their wife.

The rumors of his ‘first night’

Many people believe that Draupadi spent the first night with Yudhisthira, later with Bhima, Arjun, Nakul and Sahdev.

Role of Narada Muni

After marriage, Narada Muni told a story from the past while meeting with Pandavas. The story was the almighty brother’s interest and fame, who even conquered God.

But a girl makes a difference between two people and they kill each other. Narada did not want to do this incident with Pandavas, and thus he proposed to make them a rule.

The rules were made.

Draupadi lives with each Pandab for a certain period of time. No other brother can enter, when he will spend personal time with someone else, otherwise he will have to go to Banawas as punishment.

Arjuna was punished.

According to the story, once he was having some time with Yudhisthira Draupadi. At that time a man came to Arjun to apply for help. The man told Arjun that some thieves steal his cattle.

Arjuna agreed to help, but his weapon was kept in the Yudhishthira’s house. So, he broke the rules and entered the house. Finally, he suffered the punishment of Banubas.

His bond with the Pandavas

Once Satyabhama asked, how to keep all the brothers happy? Draupadi replied, “I serve them with all the purity and rid of anger, desire and arrogance from myself.”

Draupadi: A simulation of energy

Despite being married to five men, a typical woman in history and a influential personality like Drupadi is considered.


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