Have seeing fashion, see also old fashion, These are very fun …

Old funny fashion

We have seen fashion – we often laugh at seeing pictures of our childhood, we used to think that we used to do strange things, we used to wear all the weird clothes. Because the fashion of that time was the same.

Luck is like that 20-30 years ago, the kind of strange fashion is not seen anymore. Beyond Kolkata has brought you pictures of some fashion trends that will make you laugh. Let’s take a look at those weird fashionable clothes –

Low Rice Jeans –

Old funny fashion

These genres became popular in 2000, this style is still popular among young people.

Bullet Bra –

Old funny fashion

During 1940-50 women used to wear this type of bra, which would give them attractive and erotic look. This bra was also very popular in India. Good luck that this type of bra is no longer used.

Exercise Wear Dresses –

Old funny fashion

During the 1980s both men and women used to wear this dress while exercising. Which was totally like the superheroes of the Hollywood movie.

Padded Sealers –

Old funny fashion

Women used to wear these padded sewders to show their shoulders more wide, in which they would look very strange. This dress was also very popular among film stars.

High Platform Shoe –

In the 1990s, people with low heights used these shoes. But the shoes seem like people could walk after walking.

Beehive Hairdo (Women’s Hairstyle) –

Old funny fashion

‘Puff’ Hairstyle, which is currently very popular among women, where they look very nice. But you know what has been created from Beehive Hairdo. This hairstyle should be the full joker of women.

Mullet Hair (Boys’ Hairstyle) –

Old funny fashion

Boys’ hairstyles were less than girls in those days. Mullet Hair was quite popular among the boys in the 1970-80s. You may have seen Mithunada or Sanjubala in this hairstyle.

Random Hairstyle –

Old funny fashion

In the 1980s, this style was very popular among women. They seemed like a terrible movie actress.

The Funny Bag –

Old funny fashion

In the 90’s, celebs used to carry this type of bag. Some people are still seen to use such a bag.

Fake tens –

Old funny fashion

Fake tens are popular during 2000s. Girls used it to be black and white. Instead of being fair, most people would have become more black.


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