Half-necked in the same room Men and women Medical test for job seekers …


During the appointment of women and men in police service in the same room, the candidates’ medical test are in circulation in almost all the countries of the world. However, the medical examination of Madhya Pradesh Police in India is facing controversy.

Actually there is no problem with medical tests, in fact, women and men at the same time criticize about taking a test in the same room.

The issue comes out when a video of this incident is revealed through social media. According to Indian media, The New Indian Express, it is said that a clinical examination was conducted on half-yearly interventions of women and men seeking employment in the police constable’s posts in the Vindh district hospital in the state on Wednesday.

At that time there was no female doctor for women, so male doctors were tested. It was also mentioned in the report that male candidates were asked to be nude in the same time.

Bhind district hospital administration has ordered to investigate the incident under pressure after the incident. Hospital authorities claim that there are four women doctors at Bhind district hospital. Three of them are on vacation. Other women doctors were given the responsibility to take this medical test.

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