Gun attack in the bar of California, 13 death

Gun attack in the bar of California, 13 death

At least 13 people were killed in gunfight by a group of Thousand Oaks in the United States of California. Among the victims, the country’s deputy Sheriff Ron Helus is also there. Gunmen also died after police fired. Several dozen people were injured in the incident.

The Washington Post, the dominant daily newspaper, said the attacker’s identity could not be confirmed yet. Also, the purpose of the attack was not known.

California bar attack

The US daily said that the attackers attacked the bar at 11:20 pm on local time Wednesday. At 12:50 pm, members of the SWAT team along with the FBI of the US Central Intelligence Agency reached the spot.

In a video spreading through social media, people are getting out of the bar. After being taken to their local medical center.

“We firmly believe there is no shooter inside the borderline bar and grill,” said Qureadzian, a California police officer in the morning. The location of this bar, 65 kilometers northwest of Los Angeles.

CNN says that the bar was organized in a local college music evening. At least 200 people participated in this.

California bar attack

Ventura County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Eric Buschow said, after the deputy sheriff reached the spot, he heard the bullets in the bars.

The BBC said suspected assailants shot dozens of bullets. After the attack, the assailant died on his own, police said. People at the time of the attack came out of the windows of the doors of the bar; Many took refuge in the toilet.

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