Going to trial in the market Bracelet broke, Knowing the price lost knowledge…


Bracelet broke – If someone buys something, it will naturally take a little to see it. And women do it a bit more. So, a Chinese woman has visited the tourist town of Ruili in Yunnan province of China.

There were jade stones made ornaments in the markets that were looking at various bracelets. At that time, he took a bracelet and tried to look after it. But unfortunately, the bracelet fell out of hand and got divorced.

Later, when he asked the shopkeeper for the price of the bracelet, he immediately became unconscious after hearing the price.

It is known that the price of the bracelet was 3 million yen.

Later, the woman and her family members agreed to give 70 thousand yen to break the bracelet. But if the employees of the shop do not agree, then the final amount of fine is reached to 1.80 lakh.

It is worth mentioning that the ornaments made of jade stones are expensive. Locally, these rugged ornaments represent good health and longevity.

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