Getting pregnant after thirty may lead to few problems


Thirty-five months later, every mother has a dream of being a mother. But in many cases, it is important to avoid pregnant due to the focus of her career. Again, it is seen that due to taking longer time, it is a risk.

Many women are thinking of pregnancy after 30 years or so. It is better to know what type of risk you should go through if you want to take 30 or more children.

Let’s not know 30 Problems that can occur after pregnancy:

Fear of abortion

As the age increases, the power of the child is reduced. There is a risk of miscarriage after pregnancy. Different experiments have shown that the greater the age of the mother, especially the 35-year-old mother, their children are more likely to develop down syndrome or different birth defects.

Diabetes, high blood pressure

If you have diabetes, hypertension, thyroid hormone problem then increase the risk of pregnancy. Due to various body problems, immature baby growth increases. Due to delayed delivery or bleeding of the mothers, the rate of childbirth increased significantly due to Caesarean operations.

2-3 year intervals

If the first child is after 30, the second is to take 2-3 years before taking the second. This time the pressure on the mother’s body and mind increases. There may be various problems of psychiatry during pregnancy or later.

To solve the problem

If you want to be a mother after 30-you must first show a maternity doctor and be pregnant with her advice. You also have to be careful about the age of your husband.

Folic acid

Start eating foods rich in folic acid before pregnancy. Green food rich foods such as mushrooms, garlic, mulakshak, mustard spinach, papaya, lemon, broccoli, peas, beans, barbati, cabbage and carrots etc. Mango, jam, litchi, orange, grapes, strawberries etc. Folic acid is available in various pulses such as lentil, mung, masakalai, bot pulses etc. Besides, mustard seeds, sesame, linseed, red rice flour.

Diabetes, high blood pressure

Check that there are diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid problems, and anemia. Before a pregnancy, a woman should be completely healthy. In order to see birth defects in the field, under-screening 12-13 weeks and Anomaly scan plays an important role in 20-22 weeks.

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