Four marriages featured in the this year of Bollywood

Ranbir Deepika marriage picture

In the past year, four weddings in Bollywood were held. Let’s know about this marriage by this year’s album.

Virat kohli Anushka marriage picture

On December 11, 2017, two horizontal stars were sitting on the pitch. Bollywood Anushka Sharma and Cricketer Virat Kohli Their first wedding anniversary and only a few days left.

Anushka virat marriage picture

After marriage a big moment virat – Anushka

Virat Anushka marriage picture

Anushka was the first charisma and the couple’s first Diwali.

Sonam Kapoor marriage picture

Sonam Kapoor married on 8th May this year. Husband Anand Ahuja is famous in the fashion world.

Sonam Kapoor marriage picture

After several days of marriage, Sonam went to Italy with Anand Ahuja. She posted the photo of Mother’s birthday dress in Instagram.

Neha dhupia marriage picture

Two days after the marriage of Sonam Kapoor, she married former Miss India, Neha Dhupia. On 10 May, he married Anand Bedi, who was famous for his ‘Pink’ picture.

Neha dhupia marriage picture

Recently, the infant took baby shower. It’s been caught a moment. Companion organ

Ranbir Deepika marriage picture

This year’s most recent marriage is in Italy. Bollywood’s first two stars, Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Singh started their new life.

Deepika Ranveer love story

Deepika-Ranbir’s love affair started during the shooting of the film ‘Galiiyanka Raslila Ram Leela’ in 2013.

Ranbir Deepika marriage picture

On 14th and 15th November, both of them were married Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Singh.

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