For that reason the person who made the picture with the blood of menstruation for 9 months


Photograph by menstrual blood – Romantic artist Timmy Palle has received international acclaim for a very unique style of art for a long time. But many people can not imagine what he has recently done.

Timmy has nine months of painting with his menstrual blood. After that, the picture of a fully embryo embryo was created across the nine canvas.

Timmy recently uploaded the full picture and fragmented canvas photo on his Facebook page, along with a long post. Timmy told why he handled this exceptional work in that post.

As the pregnancy does not occur, it is the menstrual flow of the ovum, which is the menstrual cycle, so according to which the egg is not fertilized, it means that one possibility is over. In other words, according to Timy, every menstruation actually is the death of the possibility of one child.

From this feeling, Timy thinks that if this blood can be removed from the embryo, this seasonal drops will be successful. This blood has no importance to medical science.

It is important that menstruation is not important, but this bleeding is very much like waste. Especially in Hinduism, this blood is considered to be impure.

Timmy is not Hindu, but blood is not considered to be sacred in European culture. Tommy wanted to hit this attitude a bit and wanted to create this so-called ‘waste’ blood with a child

Timmy wrote on Facebook that this child has no gender defined, this child has no ‘color’, whether it is skin or religion. This child will never talk, do not learn to walk, do not breathe in the air of the earth. But people will talk about this child.

Finally, Timmy wrote that, when an egg dies, an artwork was born. Timmy’s exceptional artwork has been praised and criticized by both. However, it is not the first time to paint a picture on the canvas with the seasonal.

Earlier, Jesse Kamin of Glasgow School of Art and Design painted a picture with this blood. But Timmy’s painting is not only exceptional, but it is exceptional because Timmy wants to touch maternal and pain.

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