Flying vehicles can be found in 2020

Flying car

The Dutch carrier PL-V International, which is carrying the Flying Car, is set to release traffic jamts and unexpected hassles. This vehicle will be available in the market by 2020. The Dutch company has already started pre-booking in Britain. The concerned people said that this car can only be found in Britain, Europe and the United States.

The makers said that the three-wheeler will be flying in Petrol. Its fuel capacity will be 100 liters. Once the fuel is filled, the maximum of 1,315 kilometers of road can be run. And 482 kilometers to the sky can go. The maximum speed of the road will be 160 kilometers, and 180 kilometers in flight.

In this vehicle weighing 664 kg will have two seats. And the goods can be taken as 20 kilograms. Switching from Drive mode to Helicopter mode takes only 10 minutes. Take-off will require 330 meters of space. It can fly with a maximum height of 3,000 meters or 11,500 feet high.

The manufacturer, PAL-V, said the European Union will follow the rules of the European Civil Aviation Security Agency in Europe. But there will be separate rules for this vehicle in Britain.

If you want to be a car owner in Europe-America, you will have to count about three million taka.

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