Five dead in fierce fires United state of California

United State fire

At least five people have died in the fierce fires in California’s California state. Their dead bodies were recovered from a burnt car in a fire.

At least 1.5 laks people have left the area to save lives. Fire broke out across 14,000 acres of the two large forest areas of Los Angeles. The fires of the forest have spread to the western part of the state. News BBC

Local officials said that the local time on Friday noon (Indian Time Friday at approximately 2 in the morning) has a devastating form. Firefighters tried to control the fire, but due to dry weather and severe wind, the fire spread rapidly.

A city in northern California was completely burned down in the fires. About twenty thousand acres of forest has become ashes in the ashes. In the meantime Paradise city was the worst hit.

Local people have been ordered to move out of the surrounding areas to control the situation

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