Find out the painful problems and solutions of women in physical union


Find out the painful problems and solutions of women in physical union

Troubling Problems of Women – worldwide girls are quite shy in nature. They can not share small problems and there is no question of physical problems.

Today’s short essay is arranged with some of the troublesome girls in the girls. It seems to be beneficial for married women and those who are getting married.

1. Lack of lack of lobbying despite the demand of association

Many do not get the secret place despite the demands of association There is a significant cause of changes in hormonal levels during the menstrual periods, various types of medicines (counter antihistamines), nursing, menopause.

Treatment should be used in lubricant material, good use of water national. But if someone uses oily shredders, then it can damage condom’s elasticity.

2. Decrease the demand of the association:

It is a significant problem for women near the menopause. Estrogen hormone levels decrease before menopause. Due to the lack of lubrication, the main reason for the reduction in interest from pain and pain.

Hormone replacement therapy, estrogen cream and suppositories and lubricants (slippery) can work.

3. Urine after urinary syndrome

Irritations in urine may be irritable if it is rubbed under pressure. Long-term reconciliation and secret place of the secret place are also important reasons. This problem may occur if the urine is infections.

Treatment: After bathing in bath tub, bathing in tuberose can cause pain. Moreover, sometimes the use of slippery can be found to be beneficial.

If you do not have these benefits, you should show a doctor because the cause is more prone to infections. Benefits of litter and infection are available in two things if drinking more water.

4. Acne and stomach after physical association

This may be due to bacterial infections or multiple intercourse partners. If something is given inside the secret place (such as for treatment or if some use of the disease is diagnosed), then it may also happen.

In addition, there may be some symptoms of infection such as abnormal emulsion, irritation. Delayed, low-weight children can be born before the date is not treated.

Treatment may be beneficial for the use of antibiotics, such as metronidazol or cleansamysin. Those who have a child’s birth weight or whose date before birth have to be screened.

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