Find out 10 important information about the world’s longest sea bridge


55 km above sea level China has built a long bridge It is the longest sea bridge in the world. Find out about 10 important information about this bridge.

China’s authorities said that due to the construction of this bridge, it would take three hours to travel before this route, now it will take only 30 minutes.

This bridges will not break even on the Richter scale of 8 intense earthquakes.

This toll tax per toll tax is 600 to 800 rupees. One lakh 47 thousand 430 crore was spent to build this bridge. Critical criticisms of the bridge if it is superior to technology and architecturally, then a great deal.

China has also been criticized for its ongoing security. Because 18 workers were killed during construction work.

Four lac tons steel was used to build a strong storm or earthquake resistant bridges. It is possible to build 60 Eiffel Tower, demanding technicians.

About 30 kilometers of the bridge went on the Pearl River, and 6.7 kilometers to keep the movement of the ship is under the bottom tunnel of the sea, and an artificial island has been created at the junction of its two parts.

China has built this bridge as part of a larger sea-area construction project involving Hong Kong, Macau and nine more cities.

Nobody can cross the bridge if desired. Those who want to cross the bridge will have to get special permission and all the vehicles will have to pay.

There will be no public transport separately in the bridge but there is shuttle bus for passengers and tourists. The bridge authorities claim that around 9,200 visits will be carried by this bridge.

The earthquake-resistant power of this bridge in Greater Bay area of ​​China is deadly. GDP will increase further due to the construction of the bridge, the official said.

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