Finally, the Revealed Pyramid’s ‘Mysteries of Construction’


Pyramid is one of the ancient seventh wonders of the world. A huge stone block was used to build the ancient structure. The stone weighing one was about 60 tons and the length was 30 to 40 feet. They were collected from the mountains of distant mountains. Pyramid made of stone with a stone was made.

However, the most specialty of this deployment is the survival of the era. The question remains, how large weights used in construction work were taken up. The pyramid’s mystery has not been fully revealed in nearly four and a half thousand years.

However, archaeologists have now discovered a design of how the pyramid is built by stone blocks, how they were taken up. And it has been discovered that Egyptian handbuds are based on an old stairs found within the mining. Researchers at the French Institute for Oriental Archeology in Cairo and Liverpool University of the United Kingdom design it as a model.

Handanu mine is famous for white stone, which is mainly used for sculpture. The mine is located on a hill in the eastern part of Egypt.

In a new design, it is seen that the Egyptians used the ramp (stepped stairs) and wooden planks to build the ancient pyramids.

It is shown in the design, how to build a pyramid, how many tons of weight weighed hundreds of feet by block sledging.

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Researchers say, from an ancient archaeological point of view, it can be assumed that the ancient Egyptians used to follow a kind of complex method to move the block. In this case, they used a steep staircase (ramp) and two steps stairs on either side. The stairs were placed in the 20 degree angle.

Earlier it was thought that the stairs were placed in 10 degree corners. At the edge of the ramp, on one side and a half feet after the wooden pillars.

Pyramid mummy history

Wooden planks were used under the block, which used to work on wheels. Then, with the block rope, it was pulled from top and bottom with a pitch with a wooden pipe.

On two sides of the ramp, four steps were taken in stepped stairs and eight workers were pulled down by four people. The people who were down there were downstairs and the ones who were above them pulled up.

If there was a stepping stone on the wooden pillar, it would have been stopped by some. Then the ropes would be pulled up again by placing them in the back of the top step. Thus, the pyramid blocks were gradually mounted on top.

According to the recently discovered steps, the researchers are of the opinion that after a half and a half feet on each side of the ramp, wooden pillars were made, its thickness would be one and a half feet (0.5 meters). And these pillars were the main way to move the block.

Pharaohs ruled ancient Egypt (ancient Egyptian rulers or kings were also called Pharaohs or Pharaohs). The Pyramid was built to give them burial or tomb. There are 75 small pyramids in Egypt.

The biggest and interesting is the Pharao Khufur Pyramid. It was made almost 5000 years before BC. Its height is about 481 feet. It is situated on 755 square feet of land. It took about 20 years to create and approximately 1 million workers were working. Source: Daily Mail

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