Finally, the picture of the wedding of Ranbir-Deepika is revealed


The marriage of Ranbir Singh and Deepika Padukone was held in Kannada style on Wednesday in Lake Komoto, Italy. Thursday is the Sindhi-style marriage. The picture was not leaked on the wedding, so there was a tight security. Finally, the pair released their wedding photos.

Deepika and Ranbir have expressed their wedding photographs on social media from Thursday evening. Earlier, several news sites were announced that photos will be published in the evening. Since the release Viral has become the favorite of this couple’s wedding photos. The fans are liked to like and look at the pictures of the wedding after the long wait. Many people say goodbye to the comment.

Ranveer Deepika wedding picture

Deepika and Ranbir have tied the ring on November 13. On the same day, Mehdi and music programs were organized. The dinner was arranged with. This couple, married on November 14, in South Indian style. And on 15th November Sindhi got married as per their custom.

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