Fierce dust storms kill 100, more likely to rise


100 killed in dust storms – at least 109 people were killed Wednesday and night in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Dhulijsar and lightning. More than 205 were injured. Indian media quoted local officials as saying that the number of casualties could increase further in the storm.

Due to dust storms in several districts of Rajasthan state, there has been widespread damage. In Uttarkhand, many houses have been built. Many areas have become powerless But according to the Indian news agency PTI, the British media reported the death toll of the Independent 77 Their news has been told that 143 wounded.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was in Karnataka on Thursday for campaigning for the election. From there, he expressed sympathy for the dead.

Relief Commissioner Sanjay Kumar told the AFP news agency that the city of Agra hit 130 kmph on Wednesday night. These dust storms have not only left the plants and electricity in the envelope, but have made the darkness dark. There was no chance to see each other in its density. Alwar, Bharatpur and Dhalpur in Rajasthan are the most affected. About 100 people were injured in the incident. 11 people died in Rajasthan on April 11 in the dust storm. But this time it has hit the night. Then everyone was sleeping. The houses have collapsed on them. The ground wall of collapsed

Rajasthan Chief Minister Bashundhara Raj said that relief distribution was started in the affected areas.

He has tweeted the sympathy to the families of the victims and tweeted his family. He also directed the district administration to provide all kinds of help to the injured. The state’s former chief minister Ashok Gahlaut has stopped celebrating his birth anniversary.

Indian Express said 150 people died in Uttar Pradesh. Meteorologists said the storm could hit again in the next 48 hours. At the same time it is thought that the drought may start in the end of the week. Meteorologists did not blame the thunderstorm as well.

Indian Express reported that 64 people were killed and 38 injured in Uttar Pradesh.

According to state government officials, the Indian media told The Hindustan Times that at least 42 people were killed in storms in four districts of Uttar Pradesh. Most of the casualties occurred in Agra district. At least 36 people were killed there. Three people died and two were killed in Saharanpur. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Jogi Adityanath ordered the district officials to start fast rescue and rescue work after the storm.

Uttarakhand Disaster Mitigation and Management Center said at least two people were killed in Kumaon district. Several more were seriously injured. State Meteorological Department officials said that lightning with thunderstorm may continue for 48 hours.

There were also reports of severe damage to storms in Punjab, Mohali, Jirakpur, Ludhiana and Muktsar and several other districts. Two people were killed and several others injured in lightning in Patiala. Dusty storms have also been reported in Haryana’s Panchnkula, Karnal, Mahindargarh and Ambala. Many roads in these places have been closed and many roads have been closed. There is also a lot of damage to the electricity supply system in these areas. News, Indian Express, Hindustan Times

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