Fast trains introduced in Saudi Arabia


Finally, the long-awaited Jeddah-Makka-Madinagami High Speed ​​Train, Haramain Express has been commercially launched. On Thursday morning, the head of the Saudi Airlines Organization (SRO) and the Public Transport Authority (PTA), Rumaih Al-Rumaih and Haramine Train Project Director Saad Al-Sahri and other officials were present.

At this time, Rumaih al-Rumayeh said, this is a historical moment. Saudi Arabia is connected with modern communication system. Successful implementation of such a large dream project of the Middle East has been possible in collaboration with Saudi King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman. This improved communication system has made great contribution to the Saudi government for 150 million Muslims of different countries.

On Thursday morning, the train left Madina for fast train. Haramine High Speed ​​Train will travel 450 kilometers per hour with a speed of 3 kilometers per hour from Mecca and Medina with 417 people on a daily basis. This train will take only two hours to travel to Mecca and Madinat. Earlier, on September 25, King Salman inaugurated the fast moving train movement.

The train will stop at five stations including Mecca-Medina. The other three stations are Jeddah, King Abdul Aziz International Airport, King Abdullah Economic City. This train communication will result in the long dream of nearly 2 million people in Saudi Arabia. Due to the construction of the railway, the distance between Dhaka and Riyadh will reduce the gap of 5 hours.

The fast-moving Haramain Express will start by two shifts and start one service every day and night. And it can travel around 60 thousand passengers daily in the train.

Passengers can enter and reserve tickets online through the website ( In addition, you will also be able to telephone the special Customer Care service number (9, 20004433) for schedules and ticket rentals. Tickets can be bought from Jeddah, Mecca, Madinah Ragih station.

Trains will start on Thursdays, Venus, Saturn and Sunday. Four and eight trips will go on in morning and evening. Tickets can be bought from the 11th of October to 50% of the commission for the next two months. The price of tickets is oneway (general) from Jeddah to Mecca 20 Real and Business Class tickets worth 25 Real.

In the tourist class in Mecca and Madina, the price of tickets is 75, and 125 real in the business class. Jeddah to Madurina Touristic Class Tickets 63 Real and Business Class 105 Real Rabig to Madina Tourist class tickets 50 Real and 75 in the Business Class Real.

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All modern facilities will be continued at 5 stations of Haramain Express. There will also be car parking and rest for tourists.

It is to be noted that distance from Mecca to Medina is 453 kilometers or 190 miles. Haramine Express will take only 120 minutes or two hours to cross this long distance. From October 4, passengers will get special privileges in safe, comfortable and traffic-free movement for the residents of the northern region including Hajj, Omar and Ziaratar.

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