Fake things are available online, saying surveys

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At the present age of the Internet, we are relying heavily on other things like buying things online, now we do not go to the store, but by clicking on mobile phones at home, things are getting home.

But we are cheating on buying this online thing, even when we are not online, the product of the unaware of the customer is being run as the real online vendors.

The company has identified SnapDeal as the most notorious for selling counterfeit goods. Suddenly snapdill, Flipkart, Amazon are on the move!

But you know, 20 percent of the things sold on e-commerce sites are fake! This is the claim, an organization called ‘Local Circle’.

The organization says that 30,000 buyers were asked in their survey – did they get any fake material from the e-commerce agency like Amazon, Flipkart, in the last six months? The organization has reached this conclusion from their answer!

The survey claims 37 percent of the complaints, they got more junk items than snapdill. 22 percent of flipkart, 21 percent of PETM stools and 20 percent said they got fake things from Amazon.

Even though it has issued a fairly similar statement on behalf of all the organizations. It is reported that they are very strict to prevent counterfeit things. No organization has yet conducted any survey about whether the online shopping is available in country.

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