Evolution of three thousand years of secrecy


Evolution of three thousand years of secrecy

Three thousand years – surprisingly, the birth and death of evolution of three-thousand-year secrecy happened through the evolution of time. And surprisingly, many laws and services are created in different countries and societies based on privacy. You can take a look at the picture of evolution of three thousand years of Gonita.

Interior walls (150 BC)

Until the cement furnace was invented, there was no wall to separate most of the house rooms.

Single bed (1700 BC)

It was very expensive to use the bed at the time. There were many beds in many family homes and everyone slept together. Even the guest in the house would not have been incriminated. Everyone had to sleep on the same bed. And the most surprising thing is that anyone at that time could have sex freely with anyone.

Reading without sound (c.1155)

Atthis time, through the study of silently, there is a new beginning of slavery. Until the order of the religious church, there was no word for the people to read the word without the word of the word. Its 500 years later, when the ability to buy books comes to the public, since then the process of silence began to begin.

Confidentiality of personal information (19th century)

Individuals’ personal information was very open for the first time in the census of the American citizens. Even in the 19th Century Postal Act, the postcard was lower than the envelope and at that time it was quite popular. Then in 1890 the ‘Privacy Rights’ Act was introduced. Why is the reason, but the reason is pretty funny. The privacy rights law is introduced in the fear of the camera.

Wish Web Tracking (2015)

At the time, a company called ‘AT & T’ started offering services of 30 US dollars to several consumers. As a result, people will look for more money, health care and entertainment. But few people accept this service. But it was a very effective move, because after that people started getting themselves through health problems and entertainment money.

Vinton Serif, co-creator of the primary Internet Prototype of a Google executive and military source. He said, ‘Privacy is an abnormality. Looking at the history of 3,000 years, it is seen that when confidentiality is in conflict, then it becomes psychologically necessary for money, honor or convenience.

Tribal life (up to 200,000 to 6,000 BC)

Jared Diamond, a UCLA anthropologist He said, “The boys and girls in the trobarian Islands sleep with the parents in the same hut, the same bed of the same room.

There was no confidentiality there. They had sexual intercourse before their sons and daughters. They used to say that their children’s head covered with sheets, and the children also saw their parents perform sex acts in front of their eyes.

Ancient towns (from 6th century BC to 4th century CE)

According to the Greeks, from 6th century BC, ancient tribes started building geometrically. Socrates said, ‘When people are not aware of light and hide themselves in the dark, no other person can find their success, proper respect and perfect justice.

Early medieval period (4th century to 1200 AD): isolated secrecy

George Deby, author of ‘Personal History: Revelations in the Medieval World’, said, “Private means – from afar. But privacy is not a word of classical or medieval Latin.

Ancient Renaissance Era (1300-1600)

From the time of the ancient Renaissance era, the tendency of protecting the confidentiality of human beings began.

Pre-industrial Revolution (1600-1800)

At this time people began to protect their homes and privacy secretly.

Golden Age (1840-1950)

It was during the Industrial Revolution. Then the expectations of protecting people’s privacy continued to increase.

(2000 AD)

Sam Altman, who provided the information on this report, said, “It is the magic era for those who are born after 1981. There is a huge change in privacy settings.

Privacy again loses transparency

For three thousand years, people continued to try to keep things secret, such as business, economic prosperity and fame, and it is still true today. But to maintain confidentiality in the present day is not the same as before.

Rather everything has become open to everyone. According to researchers, they have discovered – if patients keep their health problems open to everyone, then it is easier to save about 25,000 lives from the disease.

If we start seeing history as a companion of the path, then we will be able to maintain the secrecy of the people of our era.

But if we do not apply the roots of our ancient history as valuable material, then we can not even imagine concealing anything in this world.

We are failing to protect our privacy through the technology we have discovered nowadays. But keep the information confidential, but it can often be reversed. Because in that case we can lose humanity’s transparency naturally.


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