Dubai Police joins flying motorbike ‘hoverbike’

Flying bike

Middle East country flying in the United Arab Emirates flying motorcycle soon The US-based Startup Hoverbaker Tech Expo in Beijing is flying into Dubai within a year of the exhibition, flying motorcycle.

Last year, Tech Expo Gitex exhibited a green and white luxury motorcycle in California. But this time the US company is bringing a new or flying motorcycle. This new motorcycle will be able to move from the current state to the sky and then to land.

Last year with the startup hoverbike, Dubai Police made a deal. According to the agreement, this year, the California-based company Hollerbike Motorcycle has already handed over the S3-2014 model to the Dubai Police. Already, Dubai Police has started training with a new type of motorcycle.

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Brigadier Khalid Nasser al-Rajuki, Director General of Dubai Police Intelligence, said it would be easy to reach out to remote and remote areas by making new bikes. But by the end of the training, by the next 2020, Dubai Police will be able to use this new motorcycle fuller.

In an interview with the US Press CNN, she said that recently we have trained two workers (Hooverbike drivers) and we will increase this number gradually. Hover Chief Operating Officer Joseph Segura-Kan said, “The motorcycle can be run on the eligibility.” These drivers need to have drone management experience.

In a video posted online last month, a member of the Emirates Police is learning how to manage this new hostel. According to the demand of Dubai Police, the next Hooverbike will be provided according to Segura con.

But in addition to the police, the common people can also buy this hostel. In this case, ordinary people will be counting for half a million dollars for each bike; The Bangladeshi is about one crore 25 lakh 75 thousand and 100 thousand.

Although the common people got the opportunity to buy this bike, Segura-Kan said with caution, the new technology will have the ability to manage the bike.

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