Dubai has created the world’s most expensive cakes, if you know the price You will be surprised…


Dubai has created the world’s most expensive cakes, if you know the price You will be surprised…

The Most Expensive Cakes – Recently, some people who took part in a wedding exhibition in Dubai, were lucky when they got the opportunity to taste the bridal cake of millions of dollars. Yes, you are right.

The world’s most expensive cake designer, Debi Wingang, is the mastermind of this cake and he takes 10 days to finish this 120 kg cake. The cake he inaugurated in Dubai.

Founded as a Arabic bride, the cake has five dirty diamonds, each worth 1 crore 30 lakhs.

See it once!

It’s like watching the $ 1 million or 6 million-dollar bride.

This cake-bridal height is 182 cm (72 inches) and it weighs about 120 kg (164 lb).

Eggs and chocolate were used.

About 1000 eggs and 20 kg of chocolate were used to prepare this cake.

Whole cake tie edible

The dress has been made with confectionery so that it can be eaten whole.

Valuable design

There is no one like Dobby Wingang’s fulfillment in this world. He designed this confectionery costume even small details correctly. Small handmade features include flowers and pearls.

The whole thing took 10 days to sort.

Deby used to decorate 5000 small flower dresses in handmade handmade.

Non-edible things in a cake

The cake has some real ornaments that include pearls worth 200,000 million US dollars and three carat diamonds.

Look back at the $ 1 million worth of the bride.

Valuable diamonds and pearls are used to equip their head.

See Mastermind, Debbie.

And he does not just make cakes.

He made gold shoes.

And guess what? These shoes also eat edible

His first most expensive record.

Debbie made a record by creating the most expensive, $ 50 million black diamond dress in the world, Khalij Times reportedly saying so.

And this red diamond shine …

So what do you think Debby can do with this work? Share your feedback.

This was like today!

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