Dolphins tell a lot about the baby in the womb of pregnant women, wonder if you know


Dolphins tell a lot about the baby in the womb of pregnant women, wonder if you know…

About the child in the stomach – Pregnancy is the most important stage of every girl’s life. New mothers are always concerned about their children in the womb. Every pregnant woman has to pay maximum attention to her child and to avoid her own problem. You sometimes you

May be at your own risk such as a mother, during her pregnancy, if everything does not work at all, then everything can end. Dolphin can help the fetus find pregnant women in a strange way by making these tedious tasks easier.

Even they have the ability to visualize the child of pregnant women. See this amazing picture of dolphin pregnant women by identifying children.

Experts say that dolphins are more interested in pregnant women.

Dolphins can understand the presence of children in the womb by producing intuitive sound and hearing echoes.

Even these marine mammals recognize the size and position of objects.

Doctors use ultrasound to see a fetus.

Dolphins can hear ultrasound which is beyond human scope.

Laurie Marino, a nervous scientist at the University of Atlanta, said, “I think it is very pleasing [dolphin] to find a fetus. To make a specific statement, you must really do a well controlled research. ”

Axedal study found that dolphins prefer to feed pregnant women near the throats.

Marino explained, “Bundle is a form of very careful ecoolocation. When dolphins want to communicate with another dialphin or stimulate other dolphins, then they tone against the skin and the buzzing. That sounds like a word like a pee

Even the dolphin may feel embryo heartbeat.

There is still lack of evidence supporting dolphin’s behavior.

Arecent study suggests that dolphin can detect the size of a solid block in the box. It is good to know that dolphins can detect pregnancy, but it is not a good idea to give birth to these animals. Because this meat-eating mammal can be violent at any time.

Dolphins can imagine a child among pregnant women, just like the object in the box.

Mike Walsh, a veterinary veterinary surgeon at the University of Florida University, explains, “It seems logical that there is a possibility of discrimination between people who are not pregnant or pregnant. Finally, the perfect medium for water ultrasound. Dolphins do not know what they look like in a pregnant woman. ”

The eclolix system is similar to sonography.

Mourinho further said, “We can learn from other research that they make a literary image as a visual image. As Sonography gives people a visual image of their children, echolocation dolphins can give them a mental picture.

Dolphins can understand whether another dolphin is pregnant. Dolphins use echolocases for various types of work, such as to communicate in groups or to control their descendants. They always roast. ”

The sound position between dolphins is developed over time.


Marino said, “For example, kids dolphins cry out before learning to make more complex words. They must learn their ecoolocation. ”

Some people believe that dolphins can cure some diseases.

Marino believes that these demands are not true. He suspected, “Dolphin acting lazily about the presence of a person suffering from cancer or tumor. But there is no evidence to prove that the dolphins can make humans healthy by using echolocation. ”

Check out this video for more information.

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