Do you know what girls used to do during their period? You will be surprised if you know …


Girls during their period – yes, I know girls’ things that you have thought in the past but never noticed. You know we have many options to deal with periods of our present day but it was never in the past.

We use the gifts received by technology and do not ever complain that we are comfortable with all products like pads and tamps. But in the past these things were not feminine and they used to use some of their own options which we rarely know.

Menstruation is always a struggle for women, it is easy for some people and it is difficult to find others again. By struggle, I mean, that they have to go through a terrible pain every month.

However, today I have collected some information to uncover all the mysteries, how to deal with this time of old women. So, let’s get started!

  • In ancient times 

The first commercial disposable napkin was made in America in 1888. During this time, advertising on the menstrual cycle was considered banned. After this, when the goods did not reach many women in the market, it was accepted.

  • 1920s

A tentative belt used to conceal the girls’ hidden guts for safety. At that time, the first World War nurses found an element called ‘Selukand’ which was used for the injured soldiers and that was blood absorbed. Inspired by nurses, Kimberly Clark Kotex Napkin spelled, which was the first executive and successful sanitary napkin.

  • 1930s

There were cards with copper carbon cards. In 1934, Tempax invented a first-plated disposable tampon. At that time, it was originally sold for married women, because many believed that tempons used to damage a woman’s virginity or to enjoy it.

  • 1940s

Digital Tampon was launched without plating in 1940. During World War II, most women were forced to use Tampons because of the initial activity of women.

  • Notice the information # 1

1936-1943, increases the use of five-hundred-times Taman.

  • 1950s

Then at that time there was a sanitary belt used with such a decisive pad. After the war, women were forced to leave their factory and return home. At the time, ad companies suggest that women should be silent about their monthly and should not be used as an excuse to abstain from household chores.

  • 1960s

Although women were lively to major successes in their rights in the 1960s, there was no major change in monthly products. The cloth pad is returned again, which brings some friendly happiness.

  • 1970s

The self-adhesive pad was invented in the early 1970’s, and for the sake of its recreation, the United States took the band off from advertising media in the United States.

  • 1980s

In the early 1980s, plastic-plated super-drying tempons came into use. There are several causes of asthma syndrome in its creations, which result in 84 deaths.

  • Notice the information # 2

The term “period” was not used for television commercials until 1985, for cemetery advertisements for tmpax.

  • 1990s

The first advertising of inherent monthly products with blood came in the late 90’s.

  • 2010 year

Although the monthly cups were first discovered in the 1930s, but later it was a huge return. Because of their economic, environment and health improvements on the tempons and pads.

  • Notice the information # 3

American women spend $ 2 million a year in women care products. During the whole of life, a woman uses about 17000 pad and tompan.

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