Do you know the ideal figure women in the world? Take a look at …


Throughout the world – we describe women in different ways. But there is no doubt about who is the perfect figure. A recent study by the University of Texas tells the perfect woman who is right.

The height, the weight, the hairline, and all the facial expressions are all made up of an ideal woman.

The name of which came out as a perfect feminine model, Kelly Brook. Kelly has not yet received any plastic surgery. And his body is healthy and strong in energy. not only that.

His body could wake up to the height of the men in the jacon. Many model agencies told him thick. Many times he has to be victims of Body Shaming. Despite that he did not go downstairs.

The 39-year-old model is 5 feet 5 inches high. Science says that everything from its hair, nails, hands and feet is absolutely Absolute. According to his body, he is an ideal woman. She modeled from 16 years of age.

She did not have to look back and then again. Although different magazines have given him a perfect figure before, but after coming out in the study this year he will be ananya.



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