Do not wear helmets Traffic police threw shoes (video)


Traffic police threw shoes – a police constable at duty at the duty of two motorcycle riders who did not wear helmets in Bengaluru in Bengaluru. After the incident spread through YouTube, the police officer was temporarily dismissed after interrogation.

According to the NDTV report, a video uploaded on YouTube last Wednesday shows that some of the traffic police officers were standing beside the road at the time of the incident.

At the time, two motorcyclists watch without helmets. At that time an officer threw his shoes in front of them. One of the passengers is hit on the head.

Many of the comments in the video of YouTube’s video condemned this kind of behavior. One writes, ‘What they did (police), the matter could be better managed.

Another writes, throwing someone on the road is a very dangerous thing to do. It could have been till the death of the ascendant. Police could stop the motorcyclists and stop them.

Meanwhile, the report said that the constable who was in charge of the Jahalahi Traffic police station in Bangalore has been temporarily suspended.

It also said that the motorcycle’s two students did not come to the police to file a complaint against the constable.

A digital camera has been given to traffic police in Bangalore. So that when crossing the ascending road crossing the rules, he can record the car number and keep track of it later.

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