Dirty sexual sports with dogs, Now caught by the police …


Dirty sexual sports with dogs, Now caught by the police …

Inhuman torture on a pet dog in the house day after day; Seeing pornographic pornography online, a couple in the United States engaged in an incoherent sexual activity with a pet dog. At last, they are now being held in jail under the custody of the police.

It is learned that a woman police officer in Auro, a few days ago, met with a woman named Jeanette Elin Solane in a petrol pump. After this, friendship between the two people was developed.

Soleno told the policeman there, a few days ago his boyfriend was separated from Frederick Blue Manjerses. The police officer was surprised to know the reason for the separation.

The woman said that Frederick or forced to torture her pet dog. Alongside, he also used to mischief him. During sexual intercourse, both of them often used to do such things with a dog.

But a few days ago, the woman started thinking that she loved the dog more than the Frederick. Sometimes the quarrel was going on between two people. After that the woman separated from the relationship with Frederick.

After listening to such a thing, practically the police worker was surprised. He told the matter to the senior officials. After that the police took action. Police detained the woman and her former boyfriend.

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