Deepika-Ranbir’s marriage ‘evil’ greetings!

Deepika Ranbir wedding picture

Long before the marriage, he was the brand ambassador of the condom manufacturer’s brand. Durex will give a furious naughty message to her marriage, what a surprise! In the wedding of Ranbir Singh, the Dukes did surprise shines. Just like naughty, so intelligent. Trending Durex-Messages in Social Media

Drewk wrote, “We’ve got you covered, for officially putting a ring on brick,” by saying good wishes for Ranbir-Deepika. Ranbir also worked on Durex’s ad campaign. That’s the naughty greeting-message in that formula.

Deepika-Ranbir’s marriage to Coca-Cola in Italy’s luxurious Lake Como According to Sindhi marriage on Thursday.

Awaiting excitement for wedding photos from social media Some video clips are coming out of the scatter. A glimpse of the show is not going to show that, like the increase of the comment share share. If the official wedding picture does not come in front of the milk sage is full of dirty.

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