Deepika has some shameful pictures that Deepika herself will not want to see, # 5 is a great …

Deepika funny picture

Some shameful pictures – I totally relate to this song, because it is the first thing that comes in every person’s mind when they see Deepika Padukone. She is a title of female beauty in Bollywood.

Om Shanti Om from Shantipriya to the Chennai Express Minnamma which laughs everyone, or Happy New Year Mohini can be said anywhere. This actress has proven her versatile talent repeatedly.

We are thinking of creating a weird list that can be Photoshop, which can give sad to all fans of Deepika, but it has been created just for fun and entertainment.

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Seeing the picture below Deepika may not keep you laughing.

Warning: I think if you can not tolerate laugh, sorry. But these pictures are so funny that we could not share.

Thongabali kenta baudade.

Deepika padukone funny picture

Deepika feared the famed scene of the Chennai Express when she refused to leave Deepika and her sense.

When girls see the big cell.

Deepika padukone funny picture

‘60% discount’

In such a case, when the girls see a large cell board outside the shop.

Awesome but funny look!

Deepika padukone funny picture

When the makeup lady did the glasses, Deepika did makeup.

When the chocolate was stuck in his teeth.

Deepika padukone funny picture

We know because this is what happens to us all.

Stand up, is it Photoshop or what?

Deepika padukone funny picture

This must be done, when the photographer is requesting for more gum and ‘top expression’.

* Because I can not do grandfather *

When the guardians talk about marriage.

Deepika padukone funny picture

When parents tell you about marriage but you want ‘good job, your home, good standing’.

Aadhaar card photo.

Deepika padukone funny picture

We keep all beautiful pictures as our profile picture. But, as much as you hide your original pictures, why our Aadhaar card pictures reveal all the truth.

When mother does not eat.

Deepika padukone funny picture

When you wake up late and your mom does not give you breakfast

Then it seems to be homeless myself.

Anyway, I think so.

When you buy a new dress.

Deepika padukone funny picture

Personally, I like to show my new outfit so that I’m Victoria Sikaret model.

Looks like makeup kakima again forgot to read glasses while making makeup.

Deepika padukone funny picture

Do not do that with me, crazy woman.

The students of mechanical engineering are …

Deepika padukone funny picture

Ha ha ha, just pick it up.

And then one from the civil.

Deepika padukone funny picture

They mostly look nice, I know those good. But you can accept the reality of fate as an oddity.

Oops! When to buy something online.

Deepika padukone funny picture

When buying a wrong size or color of things online.

I know, it may be sad for some time.

Whenever the waiter is taking food.

Deepika padukone funny picture

Each dieter is related to this item. Let us acknowledge the fact that it is not just Deepika, nor any other woman in the world can control her hunger.

When both you and your friend love the same boy.

Deepika padukone funny picture

Is this my dear friend?

It was during this time that I and my dear friends looked at one son in the same way and then joked about it.

Hope you enjoy these pictures.


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