Deadly landslide killed 7 in Uganda!


At least seven people were killed in horrific landslide in Bududa district of eastern Uganda. The landslide is due to heavy rain in the country over the last few days, said Uganda Red Cross. The information was provided in Qatar’s Alzazir’s report.

Ugandan Red Cross spokesman Irini Nakashita said in a statement on Thursday, “We do not know the exact number of deaths in the landslide. But initial reports say at least seven people have been killed. He said that the number could increase further.

He further said that after the landslide, the local people were scared and fled from their homes. Still heavy rain continues in the whole district. Such landslide incidents can happen further. The government is taking steps to remove people from the area to the neighboring districts to save them from the imminent danger.

There is a regular occurrence of landslides in the district adjacent to the Kenya border. At least 100 people were killed in two horrific landslides in 2010 and 2012. Due to the extensive landslide, the district’s three villages were destroyed.

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