Cut a tomato and rub it on your face, you will be surprised if you see the result …


Cut a tomato and rub it on your face, you will be surprised if you see the result …

Tomatoes Cut Your Cheeks – We Can Be A Interested User For Tomato For Many Causes, But I’m Worth It’s a small population using this as a result of regular dermatological purposes.

Tomato is a superfood, together with all the popular vegetables and fruits that have incredible effects on certain parts of our body.

As well as pasta, viands and side meals, in addition to a delicious ingredient it can serve as a savior when you suffer from a very unwanted skin problem – acne. Friend: Read and use this fruit for this amazing job.

Tomatoes can act as a remedy for acne, as is a chemical cosmetic.

Apparently, with this simple way you can get the best optimal results without stressing your pocket.

Acne is affecting adolescents and young adults

It can destroy your youth because it appears so loudly. Also, it can be triggered by several factors. But still you do not have to worry because the answer is here.

Tomato is responsible for a good dermatological health regulation, so that there are different vitamins.

Remember, it is rich in Vitamin A, B6, C, E, and K. Amazing! See how these vitamins work for your body and if you use a large amount of tomatoes for it, you will get results.

Not only this, this superfood also holds this chemical compound known as salicylic acid.

Salicylic acid helps to select optimal pH for your skin, it will have a great effect on acne and unsafe sites.

A light, smooth and more attractive face from a disgusting face.

All you need is tomato, a useful knife, a good ‘test’ place, cucumbers, curd, and lemon.

First part: The most easy and less trouble treatment.

Cut the tomato well and make sure it is in good condition.

Rub your it in skin areas of concern.

Do it for three seconds and then wash it with water. It will make the skin harder than ever before. Do this twice a week and you’ll see how acne is decreasing and the skin is healing day after day.

Second part: Process with hot water

Place your cut tomato in warm water for one minute and notice when its skin splits. When this happens, remove it. As well as remove the seeds.

At this time, you will need a cut cucumber or soup yogurt.

But maximum of positive results, you can integrate both. Go ahead, put tomato and rest mixture in a bowl and brush it. It is now able to deal with your most hated acne.

Pour the material into the acne-affected area and keep it for an hour. Afterwards, you wash it with clean water. Try one day a week to see optimal results.

Finally, tomato bowl and lemon.

It is very easy: Take one spoon tomato bowl on a dish and mix some lemon juice. Then, apply the mixture to the acne area only. Keep it for five minutes, wash it with warm hot water. Use it every day for the best results.

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