Come to the lowest cost of the world’s 10 beautifulest countries!


Come to visit at a low cost – today’s arrangement of the 10 beautiful and beautiful countries of the world on the edge of the world, where you can travel very easily and at a low cost.

Let’s come to see-

1. Cambodia (Cambodia)

Cambodia is the best place to travel at low cost. If you want to live permanently, you will be able to work well on a low pay. For example, in exchange for just $ 5, fresh fishes will get various recipes for fishes and most of the cuisine here is 1-2 dollars.

2. Vietnam

Located on the southeast coast of Vietnam, the country is famous for 1100 hectares of tropical forest. One of the best Asian countries for diving is Vietnam. The number of tourists in this country is comparatively less, so you can find a good place between 150-200 USD monthly.

3. Laos

Laos is famous for beautiful hills, Buddhist temples and monasteries, floating river cafes and bars. You can stay here for $ 9-20 every day. You will be able to rent a bicycle for a whole day for $ 1-5 for food and 10 dollars for the meal.

4. Thailand (Thailand)

Tourists are more likely to spend less in Thailand than in other Asian countries. Between $ 160-320 you can rent apartments for a whole month, your cost will be 1-3 dollars for light meals, if you prefer to stay in the village area, then you will spend the cost only 4 dollars per day.

5. India (India)

This country, famous for its architecture, religious rituals and natural features, is the best place to visit for a low cost. You can rent an apartment here for $ 100-110 per month. Delicious spicy food at a cost of around 60 cents and you will get multi-course food at a cost of around 1-2 dollars.

6. Nepal (Nepal)

Mysterious country Nepal is known as Asia’s center of spiritualism. There may not be a better place than Nepal to travel for the least budget. You get an apartment in a room for just $ 1 a day. At the cost of $ 1 you will get a lot of good food here. Public transport can only cost 20 cents at the cost.

7. China (China)

China, a country full of diversity, more population and huge volume This country is incredibly beautiful for travel. Although huge, you can travel to China at a relatively low cost. To get a taxi here, you will only cost $ 1.

8. Bulgaria (Bulgaria)

You can visit the European country at a low cost. Here you will get 80 cents for a drink, apartment rent for just $ 200 a month.

9. Guatemala (Guatemala)

Rich cultural heirs will get valuable experience in this colorful country after one. In the country, the apartment costs $ 200 per month and food bowls will cost 24-40 dollars per week.

10. Mexico

I hope you will be very nice to visit this beautiful country. In Mexico you can rent nice apartments only for $ 150-200 per month. Only one dollar to buy a drink, a movie ticket will get $ 3.

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